Philadelphia Gun Permit Unit Staged Reopening To Start This Week!

On Wednesday, July 8th, the Philadelphia Gun Permit (GPU) will initiate its staged reopening for processing licenses to carry firearms (“LTCFs”), after having been shutdown since March due to COVID-19 concerns and restrictions.

Starting on Wednesday, July 8th through July 15th, from 8:30am to 2pm, individuals can call 215-685-3661 or 215-685-3662 to schedule appointments for new applications, renewals, and pickups. (Please understand that the GPU has only been allotted 2 lines, so there is the possibility of difficulty getting through on your first attempt). On Thursday, July 16th and Friday, July 17th, the GPU will be issuing LTCFs that have already been approved and on Monday, July 20th through Wednesday, July 22nd, the GPU will meet with applicants with scheduled appointment for new applications. Due to COVID restrictions, although the GPU has eight carousels for meeting with applicants, they are only being permitted to utilize four of them; however, they do expect to get through 30-35 applicant interviews a day, even with the cleaning protocol being instituted between interviews. If they are able to get applicants in-and-out quicker or reduce the amount of time allotted for cleaning, the following week, the GPU will attempt to schedule more appointments, depending on demand.

The schedule, for now, is expected to remain with Monday through Wednesday being applicant interviews and Thursday through Friday being LTCF pick up days. Depending on demand and the time requirements, this schedule may be changed in an attempt to get more LTCF applicants and renewals through, per day/week. Also, the GPU will attempt to work with individuals, whose schedules cannot comport with the set schedule.

More information and any changes to the schedule will be posted on

If you or someone you know has been precluded from obtaining their LTCF or have issues or questions regarding the carrying of a firearm n Pennsylvania, contact Firearms Industry Consulting Group today to discuss YOUR rights and legal options.

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2 thoughts on “Philadelphia Gun Permit Unit Staged Reopening To Start This Week!

  1. Joshua,

    I would love to see you do an updated article about this law. I hear conflicting information at the range that I think is going to get someone in trouble. Has this been updated in 2 years, I didn’t think so, but I am not an attorney.

    David J Imschweiler, CIC, TRS
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  2. I have been trying to get an appointment to renew my carry permit for the last 4 MONTHS! The Gun Permit unit phone #s was all ways busy or just no answer. Well today I was blessed with an appointment for the interview which will start the 1 1/2 month process. The anointment i was given is May 4, 2021 at 1:30 SHARP. Over 9 months wait for an interview. Does anyone else see this as a deliberate delay in the permit issuing process? Justice delayed is justice denied.


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