Constitutional Rights, Including the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, in the CROSSHAIRS this Upcoming Election!

I cannot emphasize enough just how important the upcoming election on November 2, 2021 is in relation to our constitutional rights, given the appellate judicial candidates that will be on the statewide ballots. If you care at all about our Country and the state of Pennsylvania, please take the time to not only read this article but to familiarize yourself with the candidates.

In this upcoming election, we’ll see candidates for the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, Commonwealth Court, and Superior Court. For those unaware, in Pennsylvania, the Supreme Court – like its federal counterpart – is the highest court appellate court (this is not true in all states; for example, in NY, its highest court is called its Court of Appeals) . In fact, did you know that on issues involving the state constitution or state statutes that the Pennsylvania Supreme Court can overrule the U.S. Supreme Court? That’s how important this election is, especially given the single vacancy on the Court has been caused by the forced retirement of Justice Saylor (R), due to his reaching the age of 75. At the present time, there are only two Republicans (Justices Saylor and Mundy) and five Democrats (Chief Justice Baer and Justices Wecht, Donohue, Todd, and Dougherty). If Judge Kevin Brobson is not elected on November 2nd, the sole Republican on the Court will be Justice Mundy. Let that sink in for a minute…

But who is Judge Kevin Brobson? He is currently the President Judge of the Commonwealth Court and, as our readers know, has issued many extremely important, pro-rights decisions, following in the footsteps of the late-Justice Scalia (albeit the earlier years, when Justice Scalia was even more of a strict constructionist, as compared to his philosophy prior to his death). For those unaware, Judge Brobson has issued monumental decisions involving the Second Amendment, including, 1. striking down a township ordinance regulating an outdoor gun range, 2. granting an injunction against the Pennsylvania State Police and Attorney General Josh Shapiro’s (bullshit – it’s a legal term) regulation of what they called “Partially-Manufactured Frames and Receivers” or “PMFRs”, and 3. in Firearm Owners Against Crime, et al. v. City of Harrisburg,, issued a monumental, en banc (meaning entire court) decision reversing prior erroneous precedent and holding that it was “untenable” to require a plaintiff to declare in a complaint that he/she has violated or been prosecuted for an enacted unlawful firearm ordinance and that the prior decision – holding that an individual must, to establish standing, either state that he/she is violating the ordinance or is being prosecuted in relation to a violation of an ordinance – “must be overruled.”

If you still want to know more about Judge Brobson and my unconditional and unequivocal support of him, you can find out more in my in-depth article, Judge Kevin Brobson for the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, and on his website and Facebook page. And, in the nature of full disclosure, I did edge him out by one clay bird in our sporting clays challenge, but I think that was only because he went with the break-action instead of the semi, like me. So, let’s not hold that against him 😉 (or maybe he let me win…I guess we’ll need a rematch…but I digress)

But what about Stacy Wallace and Judge Drew Crompton for the Commonwealth Court and Megan Sullivan for the Superior Court? They, like Judge Brobson, are all conservative, strict constructionists/originalists. That’s why, if you followed their campaigns, you saw that they all campaigned as a team and would frequently stump for one another, when they couldn’t all attend the same event. It was truly spectacular seeing all four candidates run as a cohesive team through their campaigns. Stacy Wallace even came to Shooters Gauntlet’s machinegun shoot in September on behalf of all of them and showed all of us how it was done, including with a Barrett M82 .50 BMG! If you want to get to know them better, please visit with them on the campaign trail and check out their websites:,, and

I can say, without equivocation, that I support all four Republican candidates – Judge Brobson, Stacy Wallace, Drew Crompton, and Megan Sullivan. While many of you know that I would only ever support a strict constructionist/originalist, some of you may be wondering why you should support them and the answer is simple. If you care about your constitutional and statutory rights and protections, they are the candidates, with a track record, of ardently protecting them and upholding the rule of law. It truly is that simple.

Please also be aware that you will see that Commonwealth Court Judges Anne Covey and Renee Cohn Jubelirer are up for retention, as are Superior Court Judges John T. Bender and Mary Jane Bowes. Many are unaware that after electing out judges, they go up for retention every 10 years. As they have been staunch defenders of our constitutional rights, it’s imperative that we vote to retain them.

It is for these reasons that my ask of you is more than simply getting to know them or voting for them. I need you to speak with all your friends, family, and neighbors about the upcoming election on November 2nd and why it is SO important that we elect these four candidates and retain the other four judges. And, if you’re in a position to donate to their campaigns, PLEASE do so, as it currently appears that Democrats, utilizing union and trial lawyer money, are attempting to outspend our Republican candidates by 10 to 1, because they know that they cannot win on the issues. Nevertheless, together, we can take back our courts and ensure that fairness and impartiality is restored to our courts, along with restoring the three, co-equal branches of government by stopping the courts, through conservative judges, from legislating from the bench.

5 thoughts on “Constitutional Rights, Including the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, in the CROSSHAIRS this Upcoming Election!

  1. Mr. Prince, my name is Dr. Doug Pfeiffer. My office is in Pennsburg. I started an organization called the Shield of Truth Network (shieldoftruthnetworkorg). Take a look at our website.
    We have a 2A Committee. We also have monthly meetings.
    I would like to have you give a presentation at one of our monthly meetings.
    Let me know if you might be available to speak about this at some time in the near future.


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