Mutual Consent Divorce

A brief overview of a Mutual Consent Divorce. The fastest and cheapest way to get divorced is with a no fault divorce. There are several ways to get divorced. One can get divorced on no fault grounds, or fault grounds, or on both no fault and fault grounds. If, you and you soon to be … Continue reading Mutual Consent Divorce

Search Warrant needed to search seized Smartphones

Pennsylvania Superior Court held that a search warrant must be obtained to search Smartphones seized search incident to arrest. “The specific issue that we address in this case is whether a police officer may search the data contained on a modern day cellular telephone, often referred to as a “smart phone” due to the computer-like … Continue reading Search Warrant needed to search seized Smartphones

Remain silent or make admissions?

We have the best judicial system in the world. Under the United States Constitution and Pennsylvania Constitution, we have the right to remain silent. The right to remain silent also means one cannot be forced to testify against oneself. “Defendant's prearrest silence may not be admitted into evidence when the defendant does not testify at … Continue reading Remain silent or make admissions?

What is a Preliminary Hearing?

            The preliminary hearing is one of the most important pre-trial criminal proceedings because it is an invaluable tool to learn what the Commonwealth’s case is, what the police officers will say and what they want, along with what witnesses will say against you.             The preliminary hearings main purpose is to make sure that … Continue reading What is a Preliminary Hearing?

I just got notice for a preliminary arraignment, what is a preliminary arraignment?

It is very upsetting when ones liberty is placed in jeopardy. However, of all the criminal proceedings, a preliminary arraignment is a minor proceeding. All the preliminary arraignment is, is for the Magisterial District Judge to inform you: of your right to counsel, your charges, a copy of the criminal complaint and affidavit of probable … Continue reading I just got notice for a preliminary arraignment, what is a preliminary arraignment?