Medical Assistance’s Estate Recovery Program

Many individuals find that they are unable to afford nursing home care, hospital care, prescription drugs, and home and community based services as they age. This is a sad, but very common occurrence in today’s world. The only option for many is to use Medical Assistance to help pay for the above-listed benefits. The receipt … Continue reading Medical Assistance’s Estate Recovery Program

What’s the difference between Social Security Disability and SSI?

Generally, in order to receive Social Security Disability benefits, one has to pay into the Social Security system. The minimum one has to pay to be eligible for Disability benefits is 40 quarters of employment, which equals ten years. SSI benefits are payable to disabled individuals who have not paid enough into the system in order … Continue reading What’s the difference between Social Security Disability and SSI?

Age and Social Security Disability

The Social Security Administration considers age in making disability determinations. When a Claimant age 55 or less is seeking disability benefits, the Administration must evaluate whether or not the Claimant can perform his/her past relevant work. If the Claimant is found to be able to perform his/her past relevant work, then they are not disabled. … Continue reading Age and Social Security Disability

SSI and SSD– what’s the difference?

Under the Social Security Act, there are two types of disability benefits that are potentially available to Claimants who are disabled for Social Security purposes—SSI (Supplemental Security Income benefits) and SSD (Social Security Disability benefits). What are they and how do they differ? SSD Benefits— SSD benefits are available to disabled workers who have a significant work history (in most cases … Continue reading SSI and SSD– what’s the difference?

Will a new president mean changes to SSD?

I’ve received a number of calls recently from client’s wanting to know what changes, if any, will take place with Social Security and Medicare now that President Obama has taken office. President Obama has identified Social Security and Medicare as one area that he plans to target for reform. The short answer is the nothing … Continue reading Will a new president mean changes to SSD?