Will ATF be Disbanded? The Shocking Revelation

For years, actually ever since President Reagan promised to do away with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives, people have asked will the ATF be disbanded. Today, Columnist Katie Pavlich, published an article entitled Bombshell: DOJ Considering Elimination of ATF.

Columinst Pavlich cites to multiple sources within the DOJ and ATF that have confirmed the existence of a “white paper,” which outlines the elimination of the ATF and reassignment of ATF law enforcement duties to the FBI and DEA. What makes this even more credible is the fact that this author knows that for several years there have been behind the scenes discussions of FBI taking over ATF’s law enforcement duties, but the FBI has outwardly refused to employ any existing ATF agents. This white paper would seem to indicate that all ATF Agents would be terminated and not reassigned.

While the elimination of the 1920’s era ATF would be a welcomed improvement, I still have concerns over how much the FBI, DHS, and DEA knew, condoned, and aided in Operation Fast and Furious. Would we be any better off? While I do have more faith in the FBI, DHS, and the DEA to prevent future Waco-like scenarios, I still have concerns regarding all of our federal agencies and the lack seemingly lack of oversight…

One thought on “Will ATF be Disbanded? The Shocking Revelation

  1. Mr. Prince,
    I’m currently in my last year at widener law school (Delaware Campus). I also frequently read through the PAFOA boards, where i saw the link to your law firm. It’s refreshing to see an attorney focus part of his practice on upholding the 2nd amendment rights of PA residents. Thank you for your advocacy, as gun owners like myself truly appreciate it.



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