Pennsylvania Supreme Court allows for lawyers to be certified Specialists in Workers’ Compensation

by Karl Voigt

In January of 2012, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court issued an Order that allows lawyers to be certified as Specialists in Workers’ Compensation. As a result, the Pennsylvania Bar Association’s Workers’ Compensation Law Section will now be the organization that certifies lawyers as Workers’ Compensation Specialists in the Commonwealth.

In order to qualify to take the four-hour test, at least 50% of an attorney’s practice must be devoted  to workers’ compensation cases.

While certification is optional, both Karl Voigt and Tom Beveridge from Prince Law Offices will be taking the test at the first sitting in Spring of 2013. Their mutual goal is to distinguish their practices from those other attorneys who simply dabble in workers’ compensation cases.

It is important to note that this certification will be available to defense attorneys as well as claimants lawyers. If you have a workers’ compensation case, consider how important it is to you that your attorney also be a specialist.



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