Recommended Read – When a Divorce Pays Off (from the Wall Street Journal)

By Matthew T. Hovey, Esquire

Ellen E. Schultz of the Wall Street Journal recently posted an article titled “When a Divorce Pays Off.” The article discusses the effect of divorce on social security benefits.  According to Schultz, many baby boomers are receiving less in social security then they are entitled to receive because the person’s prior divorce is not being properly considered.  It is explained that “a person can collect Social Security benefits based on her own earnings history, or 50% of her spouse or former spouse’s benefit, if it is greater than her own, and 100% if he is deceased.”  The limitation, however, is that “the marriage must have lasted 10 years or longer, and the person seeking a former spouse’s higher benefit must currently be unmarried, unless she remarried after age 60.”  If you believe you or a parent not receiving the proper amount of benefits, as Schultz points out, “the Social Security Administration can answer initial questions about a benefits review over the phone (800-772-1213); the agency’s website has details.”

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