Girls, Guns and a Good Time

There may be a lot of reasons why women have recently expressed an increased interest in owning and using guns. A significant portion of women are purchasing for self-defense for their home and personal protection. Others purchase guns for the sport. One organization of women goes one step further, helping other women take aim at social networking with a focus on guns. A Girl and A Gun Women’s Shooting League(AGAG) shatters the stereotype when it comes to gun owners and shooting leagues. This group of gun enthusiast is ladies only and accepts gals at all levels of expertise from newbies to competition shooters. It does not matter if you are shooting for self-defense, sport, or just because it is what you have always done. AGAG is bringing women together for a good time and some peer-to-peer sharing of the shooting experience.

AGAG was created in 2011 by Julianna Crowder and Renee Blaine with the mission of helping educate women about guns and gun use, while creating an environment that encourages learning and improvement no matter the shooter’s skill level. AGAG is a growing organization that in a little over one year has established chapters in seven states. A chapter is easy to establish. It requires an NRA certified firearms instructor, range facility available for events, and most importantly, a welcoming attitude. If you do not have someone with the needed credentials, AGAG will try to help locate resources in your area to find individuals that may be able to meet the criteria needed to establish your own chapter. Even if you already belong to a range but want to stay connected with other women enthusiast across the country, you can still become an associate member of AGAG and get great discounts from vendors and attend national AGAG shooting events.

No matter the reason women shooters are increasing, AGAG has the right idea in creating a no judgement gals only environment with a focus on safety. This environment is especially appealing for new shooters and it creates the best reward for the experienced shooters, as they get to mentor and share their experiences and knowledge. If you don’t see what you want on AGAG’s website, I encourage you to peek at their Facebook page and see the exchange of information this group of ladies shares with one another. I did not see any chapters on the map for Pennsylvania yet, so I am hoping with this article and further research that eastern Pennsylvania might hold the next best chapter of AGAG.

Written by Amy Buser. Reviewed and approved by Joshua Prince, Esq.

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