Washington Township Decides to Table Firearms/Archery Ordinance and Modify Existing Ordinances

Firearms Industry Consulting Group (FICG) is proud to announce that last night, at the Washington Township, Berks Co., Board of Supervisors unanimously decided to table a proposed Firearm/Archery Ordinance that would have limited the ability of property owners, under certain circumstances, to even practice archery on their own property, after FICG submitted a letter to the Board advising of the potential state and federal law violations, as well as, violations of Article I, Section 21 of the PA Constitution and the Second Amendment of the US Constitution.

While the exact provisions of the Ordinance are unknown, as the draft was merely proposed and no vote was taken to ever advertise the Ordinance, Reading Eagle reporter C. Ryan Barber originally reported on the proposes Ordinance in his October 26, 2012, article titled Proposed Ordinance Would Limit Archery Practice. Thereafter, Attorney Joshua Prince, seeing the article, submitted a letter to the Board advising of the state and federal issues and advising that he was prepared to take legal action if the Ordinance was enacted.

After discussing the issues with Township Solicitor Dan Becker, the Board of Supervisors decided that no further action would be taken on the Ordinance.

Furthermore, in relation to to two existing ordinances, 76-5(B) (limiting the possession of a firearm in the Township’s park) and 79-3 (limiting possession of a concealed firearm without a license), the Township is in the process of revising these ordinances in compliance with 18 Pa.C.S. 6120. It is our understanding that Section 76-5(B) will be struck from the Ordinance/Code and that all of 79-3 will be repealed.

FICG is extremely grateful to Solicitor Becker and the Washington Township Board of Supervisors for considering its letter and taking the appropriate action in relation to these issues.

If you know of a Township that is considering an ordinance relating to Firearms, Archery or Knives, please contact us so that we can discuss what action can be taken.


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2 responses to “Washington Township Decides to Table Firearms/Archery Ordinance and Modify Existing Ordinances

  1. Joe

    Way to go Joshua. We need to fight these people at every turn. Grat work!!! Joe Keffer


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