Injured Workers’: time to enroll for ObamaCare

by Karl Voigt

Injured workers can now enroll in health care coverage in the Affordable Care Act insurance exchanges also known as Obamacare. Coverage begins in 2014, but you must sign up by December 15 if you want coverage to begin January 1.

Many injured workers are left uninsured after they are unable to return to work at their regular jobs. This can happen to those who have been out for a few years, or even just a few months. If they can qualify for Social Security Disability, they can secure Medicare coverage. If not, there are few alternatives for health insurance. The Affordable Care Act allows for coverage intended to be affordable.

Start the process at, the federal online Obamacare portal. You’ll have to set up an account and provide information like your name, address, age, number of people in your family, household income and whether you have access to insurance elsewhere.

The process includes an application for a federal subsidy that will pay all or part of your premium. You can learn instantly if you qualify for the subsidy. If you do, you’ll be able to shop for and apply for insurance coverage right away.


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