UPDATE !!! Governor Corbett Signs SB 648 Into Law – Landowners Protected At Last !!

By Tom Beveridge —     In follow up to my last blog, I am pleased to advise that Governor Corbett signed Senate Bill 648 into law on November 1, 2013.  This law, which amends Title 34, Section 924 of the Pennsylvania Game and Wildlife Code to protect landowners who grant permission to individuals who are hunting and trapping on their property, is a long overdue modification of the Section.   Effectively, the new law protects landowners against Game and Wildlife Code violations by hunters and trappers except where the landowner willfully takes part in the violation in some manner.

As an aside, I strongly suggest sportsmen and women secure written permission from landowners to hunt or trap their property.   In fact, I commonly use a form that also includes a waiver of liability and also provides for indemnification of the landowner for any negligence caused by me while hunting or trapping.    I have found more doors opened to outdoor opportunities in exchange for this peace of mind.

If you are interested in such forms, please feel free to email me directly at tbeveridge@princelaw.com.   Have a great season!

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