Will Pennsylvania Have Its Own Firearm?

On June 18th, HB 1989 was presented to the Governor, which the Governor is expected to sign in the near future. In addition to making the Piper J-3 Cub the official state aircraft of Pennsylvania, HB 1989 when signed by the Governor would make the Pennsylvania Long Rifle the official firearm of the Commonwealth.

HB 1989 reviews Pennsylvania’s history regarding the manufacture of firearms, as well as, the important role it played in the development of the United States. In explaining the background of the Pennsylvania Long Rifle,  HB 1989 declares,

The Pennsylvania Long Rifle, a unique firearm that was different in principle and outline from any other weapon in the world, was developed by skilled gunsmiths in the Moravian communities of Christian’s Spring, Northampton County, as well as by artistic riflemaker Martin Meylin, in Willow Street, Lancaster County.

The Bill then goes on to declare,

The Pennsylvania Long Rifle was the first truly American firearm and, due to its exceptional accuracy and range, was considered the greatest achievement in the development of firearms during the 18th century.


Playing an important role in the early years of the Industrial Revolution in Pennsylvania and New England, the Pennsylvania Long Rifle was also instrumental in the American fur trade and was carried west and south by frontiersmen as they set out to expand the boundaries of the nation.

Given the history and craftsmanship, we should all be proud to have the Pennsylvania Long Rifle as official firearm of the Commonwealth. I hope to see that Governor Corbett will sign HB 1989 into law in the next coming days.

4 thoughts on “Will Pennsylvania Have Its Own Firearm?

  1. Just so you know the “cub” aircraft was not invented by piper but by taylor who after the fact brought piper in as a partner/investor & knew nothing about aircraft at the time. Later taylor became bedridden Piper bought/swindled him out of his half of the business. A shining citizen, right.


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