Perry County Taxpayers to Pay for Lawsuit Against Sheriff Nace

I have previously blogged about the pending legal action filed by Perry County Auditor McMullen against Perry County Sheriff Nace. What most are unaware of is the cost that will be borne by the Perry County taxpayers.

Pursuant to a Right to Know Law (RTKL) request that I filed in April, I was able to obtain the fee agreement that the County Commissioners entered into with the Nauman Smith Law Firm on or about March 26, 2014. You can download a copy here. The fee agreement provides that Attorney Craig Staudenmaeir will be paid $270 an hour, with his associates being paid $200 an hour, law clerks being paid $175 an hour and paralegals being paid $165 an hour. It is interesting to note that Commissioner Stephen Naylor’s signature is noticeably absent from the fee agreement, especially given is prior support of Sheriff Nace.

Of course, everyone wants to know what this will end up costing the taxpayers of Perry County. As of April 14, 2014, prior to any legal pleadings being drafted, Nauman Smith invoiced Perry County in the amount of $1,435.00, mostly just for research. You can download a copy here. I will be submitting a new RTKL request for an updated copy of the invoices received by the County.

Hold on Perry County residents, because it’s about to get expensive…


5 thoughts on “Perry County Taxpayers to Pay for Lawsuit Against Sheriff Nace

  1. Please state the matter correctly, Mr. Prince. I am one of THREE Perry County auditors and . You seem to be uninformed or fixated on my name alone. My fellow auditors are Barbara Hench and Donna Jones.


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