Need Help with a Hunting Citation Call Prince Law

Recently, I have been asked to help one with a hunting citation. So, I may be able to help you out.

A hunting citation is similar to a criminal citation except one wants to also preserve their hunting rights.

I recently procured a golden deal for an alleged criminal that preserved his hunting rights. The golden deal comprised of preserving his hunting rights; allowing him to hunt immediately with a bow, or even a crossbow; and for one year only, he could not hunt with a firearm.

Not that I am giving away some behind the scenes secret regarding Attorneys, but we do not know everything. No Attorney knows everything, so beware of those who claim they do.

In general attorneys have three years of law school before passing the bar and may obtain more legal degrees, but are not taught procedures, or are taught only some procedures. It would take 20-years or more of law school to know everything about the law. Remember, we have the best legal system in the world, but people are fallible. Thus, the legal system is fallible.

Being in court is where I feel at home. I have Master’s Degree from Temple University School of Law in Trial Advocacy where not only did I win an award for Trial Advocacy but I competed against some of the best in the industry, outperformed those attorneys who had twenty to thirty years of experience, and the compliments came from the Jurors and Judge, not from me.

So, if you have a hunting citation or need some help with Hunting Law, give me call.

Here below is a cite for the 2014-15 Hunting Seasons and Bag Limits.

There are also links for: a Downloadable Calendar of PA Hunting & Trapping Seasons, 2014-15 Migratory Game Bird Brochure and 2014-15 Season Forecasts

2014-15 Hunting Seasons and Bag Limits

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