Attorney General Kathleen Kane Issues Firearm Reciprocity Report

Today, Attorney General Kathleen Kane issued her 2013-2014 Firearm Reciprocity Report, as required by 18 Pa.C.S. § 6109. Pursuant to Section 6109(k)(2), “The Attorney General shall report to the General Assembly … annually … concerning the agreements which have been consummated under this subsection.”

There is little of interest in the one page report, other than the Attorney General’s office again acknowledging that it invalidated our reciprocity agreement with Utah based upon some ghost statutory change to Utah’s law. No one has yet to identify this putative change in Utah’s law or the authority for the Attorney General to rescind, modify, amend or otherwise change an existing reciprocity agreement. I previously testified before the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, House State Government Committee, regarding this usurpation of power.

What appears clear from the report is that the AG’s Office spent as much time drafting the report as it seemingly spent attempting to obtain new reciprocity agreements. Do we have a new AG yet?

10 thoughts on “Attorney General Kathleen Kane Issues Firearm Reciprocity Report

    1. If your a PA resident and a Utah non resident permit holder then it means nothing because she passed that shit a few years back where if your a PA resident you have to have a valid PA LTCF.. If your a resident of PA, PA doesn’t recognize any other states permit or license in regards to you. If your not a PA resident it means you can’t carry any more in the Commonweath.


      1. False.. Non residents can and do get PA LTCFs is they have a carry permit in their home state. You also have the option to open carry without a permit.


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