Speeding Ticket

Everyone at one point in there life has driven over the speed limit. Some like to drive their car like it was stolen. It is what it is…

What happens after you are pulled over and ticketed for speeding will depend on: the individual who stopped you; what county you are in; how respectful you are; and your driving record. Your driving record could make or break good plea deals.

Most Law Enforcement Officers will allow you to plea to a lesser offense and pay a fine without points. However, there are a few departments that treat a traffic ticket like it is the crime of the century, which always amazed me since everyone at least one time in there life has sped, including the one who cited you.

Being the ex-professional Thin Blue Line, unless you hurt someone, or caused property damage, or have a bad driving record, there really is no need to not allow one to plead to a lesser offense, or even give only a warning.

Most Law Enforcement Officers will work with you on pleading to a lesser no point offense, as long as you are: respectful, cooperate, at least by giving your license, insurance, and registration [no one has to ever say anything without a lawyer present, just be polite, calm, and respectful]. Law Enforcement Officers understand that they themselves have driven over the speed limit and most would rather deal with real crime, as long no one is hurt, or nothing is damaged.

It must be noted, that the most dangerous incidents for Law Enforcement Officers, is a car stop, so no moving around all over the place especially at night.

If you fail to do all the above then beyond a doubt you are going to cited, and will need an attorney.

Some, counties, rare in my experience, and usually because of the individual citing you, will treat this speeding ticket like it is the crime of century, as stated above. Remember, in these counties, reducing points is a good deal.

If, you got nothing lose then fighting a ticket may be your choice. Remember, the citing officer must prove beyond a doubt that you were speeding. Yes, although, the officer who cited you must have all that speed timing equipment checked, calibrated, etc., it is not enough, you also need an expert, an Engineer, to fight your speeding ticket. See 75 Pa.C.S.A. § 3368. See also Commonwealth v. Martorano, 387 Pa.Super. 151, 563 A.2d 1229 (1989); Commonwealth v. Smolow, 364 Pa.Super. 20, 527 A.2d 131 (1987); Commonwealth v. Cohen, 413 Pa.Super. 460, 605 A.2d 814 (1992) (Speeding ticket cannot be solely based on police officer’s visual observation).

Ultimately, the decision is yours whether to have representation or not, but it is always wise to have an advocate on your side, so call, or come to my office in Pottstown, Pennsylvania.

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