Press Release: Attorney Joshua Prince to Testify before House of Representatives on Impeachment of Attorney General Kane

On Tuesday, May 6, 2014, Chief Counsel Joshua Prince will testify before the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, House State Government Committee on the impending impeachment of Attorney General Kathleen Kane.

Attorney Prince was requested to testify by the Chairman of the House State Government Committee, Representative Daryl Metcalfe, regarding Attorney General Kane’s amending of Pennsylvania’s firearm reciprocity agreements with Florida, Virginia and Arizona, as well as, in relation to her violations of the Pennsylvania Constitution, Article IV, Section 4.1 and the Commonwealth Attorneys Act.

You can download a copy of Chief Counsel Prince’s written testimony with exhibits here.

The hearing will begin at 9am  in room G-50, Irvis Office Building of the Main Capitol Complex, Harrisburg, Pa. Attorney Prince is scheduled to testify at 9:35am.


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5 responses to “Press Release: Attorney Joshua Prince to Testify before House of Representatives on Impeachment of Attorney General Kane

  1. We are clients who have you on retainer as our firearms attorney. We are also citizens that are both Pennslyvanian residents (currently) and Arizonans. AG Kane’s behavior could not be more worthy of Impeachment. Whether by unconstitutionally rescinding Reciprocity (we are also CCW holders in AZ) or in refusing to prosecute a littany of financially corrupt Philadelphia politicians (citing race as a reason, no less) – AG Kane must be compelled if not outright removed from this Office with immediacy. Wishing you 100% success!!!


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