PA Hunter Safety Course Available Online

Pennsylvania law requires that first time hunters take and pass an approved Hunter Safety Course prior to purchasing their first hunting license. Unfortunately for individuals who are unaware of this requirement, there is nothing in the system that would prevent a clerk from selling them a license. As such, individuals are at risk for purchasing a hunting license that they technically should not be in possession of.

The Game Commission and its officers can see if an individual has taken and passed the approved course. If the individual has not and is caught hunting, they could potentially face a number of citations that they might not otherwise.


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Good news for those of you who have not yet taken a Hunter Safety Course. There is no need to find a course at a remote location as it can be taken online in the comfort of your own home! The Official Pennsylvania Hunter Safety Education Course allows you to take the Hunter Safety Course at your own leisure and only charges you when you pass the test!

If you or someone you know has NOT yet taken a Hunter Safety Education Course and plan on hunting, use the link above. You’ll be ready to hit the woods in no time!


Have you been charged with a hunting violation? Be sure to contact our office before you do anything at 610-845-3803.

5 thoughts on “PA Hunter Safety Course Available Online

  1. One question I have about it. I have a Hunters Safety Course Certificate from NY. Is that valid to get a hunting license in PA as a PA resident?


    1. Craig, if you’ve been issued a hunting license in another state, there is no requirement to take the PA Hunter Safety Course.

      34 Pa.C.S. § 2704

      (b) Hunter education. — Persons who have not held a hunting license lawfully issued to them in this Commonwealth or another state or nation or have not hunted under the exceptions in section 2706 (relating to resident license and fee exemptions) or do not possess a certificate of training approved by the director prior to the enactment of this title shall be required to attain accreditation in a hunter education program approved by the director before a hunting license is issued to them. The provisions of this subsection shall not apply to a person who presents:
      (1) Evidence of service in the armed forces of the United States or in the United States Coast Guard and discharge or separation under honorable conditions within six months of the date of application.
      (2) Evidence that the person is currently serving in the armed forces of the United States or in the United States Coast Guard.


  2. In Pennsylvania, is there a grandfather clause that states that you don’t need to take a hunting safety course before you can get a hunting license?


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