Rifle Season and Why You Should Never Speak to the Game Commission

Rifle season for hunters in PA opened on Monday and the violations are already being racked up. Individuals have been contacting our office for representation regarding a number of different violations. Most of which could have been avoided had they not spoken to the Game Commission Officer.

game officer

I previously blogged that you have a 5th Amendment Right not to speak to the Game Commission. Most of the time the hunter puts themselves in a situation where they will be cited by speaking to the Game Commission Officer. I have yet to encounter a client who talked their way out of a citation rather than into one. While the common thought is that an individual would just be subjected to just a fine, that could not be more wrong. A number of these individuals find themselves at risk of having their hunting license revoked the following year. Depending on the violation this can result in an individual losing their hunting privilege for several years.

What are some of the more common hunting violations? Hunting without a license, hunting over bait, and harvesting more than the allocated amount. Additionally, if an individual has not taken the Hunter Safety Education Course in PA and was not issued a hunting license previously from another state, they cannot lawfully obtain a hunting license in PA.

What should you do if you are cited with a hunting violation? Contact an attorney immediately. Our office has experience handling hunting violations and can help you. Pleading guilty to a hunting violation may result in more than just having to a pay a fine. The potential loss of hunting privileges, LTCF revocations and a CLEO refusing to sign NFA forms may all be within the realm of possible fallouts. Additionally, if your hunting license is revoked in PA, that may mean you lose your ability to hunt in other states as Pennsylvania is a signatory to the Interstate Wildlife Violators Compact.


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8 thoughts on “Rifle Season and Why You Should Never Speak to the Game Commission

  1. Hunting needs to be banned because no one needs to hunt to survive in this day and age. It is a horrible terrorist attack on our beautiful wild life. I hope everyone of these hunters get fined out of existence and thrown in prison. Hunting is an archaic horrible act and we as a humane,caring compassionate race need to protect our animals not slaughter them.


    1. Kay-
      I appreciate you taking the time to respond to my blog article. Unfortunately, your response is a bit short sighted.

      A number of hunters in Pennsylvania and across the country hunt in order to provide food for their families for less than it can be purchased in the grocery store. Others donate the meat to local food banks in order to feed those less fortunate. And some even take to the woods because it is something they enjoy doing.

      Hunting is hardly a “horrible terrorist attack on our beautiful wildlife”. In fact, if it weren’t for hunting, the deer population (in addition to other animals) would explode out of control. As people continue to develop areas of woodland the natural habitat of deer is decreased. Thus resulting in less area for the animals to roam freely and a decrease in natural predators (those that keep the populations in check). As a result, you see a number of accidents involving deer every year. On that same note, if the population exceeds the number that the area can support, you’d see a number of animals dying of starvation and disease. If it weren’t for hunting, there would be a lack of “balance” in the natural order.

      I don’t believe hunting is archaic and about 750,00 hunters in PA would agree with me. It is something man has been engaged in since man has existed. The three basic elements of survival are food, shelter and water. As hunting fulfills one of the basic elements of survival, I don’t see how you can call it archaic. Further, hunters are taught to take game in an ethical manner.

      Lastly, the meat in the supermarket doesn’t just appear in the refrigerated section. I’d venture a guess the animal in the supermarket led a less fulfilling life than the deer and other animals hunters are taking in the woods every year.


  2. If people wouldn’t be committing what they got the fine for, they wouldn’t need to be afraid to talk to the game commission officers. I talk to our frequent one every time I see him, and never once have i gotten a citation. You’re just spreading fear here, I hate to tell you.


  3. What is your advice regarding being on a landowner’s property and being asked by the landowner or his agent/representative to show him your license and identification?


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