Taxation on Legal Services in PA Likely Unless You Act Now!


Next Monday or Tuesday there will likely be a vote on Senate Bill 76 which will potentially affect the cost to obtain legal services within the state. The proposed legislation would implement a 7% tax on legal services within the state. This tax would be detrimental to those who have a difficult time affording legal services and would effectively bar groups of individuals from being able to obtain access to the judicial system by increasing the cost to do so.

What can you do to help stop this? Contact your State Senator, Representative and the Governor and demand that no tax on legal services be passed and signed into law. Unsure of your State Senator’s and Representative’s contact information? You can find that information here.

Some essential services that lawyers provide to those who are often of limited means include: obtaining worker’s compensation or Social Security benefits that have been wrongly denied, avoiding home foreclosures, gaining court-ordered protection from an abusive spouse or parent, obtaining fair and equal access to fundamental rights, dealing with a hostile landlord or tenant, fighting a property assessment action from a local government and having a simple will written or probating the will of a loved one.

Other points to make to your State Senator and Representative are that if this tax were instituted PA would be the only state in the nation that has a tax on legal services. Further, in 1987 Florida enacted a similar tax on legal services. It proved so unpopular that it was repealed after 9 months.

Prince Law Offices, P.C. is proud to bring you zealous representation at an affordable price. We hope you’ll join us in saying no to Senate Bill 76.


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4 thoughts on “Taxation on Legal Services in PA Likely Unless You Act Now!

  1. It won`t pass the House..So long as the “hold harmless clause” of the school funding law is in place; the legislators who represent the citizens who live in the ” T ” section of the state will vote against it. The last vote in the house wasn`t close to passing. The people living in the ‘ T ” have low property taxes since they didn`t build Taj Mahal schools. Also they are losing population but still get the same funding because of this clause and put it towards keeping their school property taxes low.


  2. I have to disagree. First attorneies will not lose any income because of a sales tax on specific services. If there is any los of income it would be because of the extreme fees billed to clients and the limited legal services now available on line.
    Based on the above post it is apparent that you are ok with more than 10,000 Pennsylvanians lose their homes to school property taxes annually. This is unacceptable to most.
    Our current system of taxing property owners in an unequal manner must be changed now. As the school teachers unions you are just one more party that I consider a SPECIL INTEREST. With Zero concerns for anyone


  3. Gov Wolf’s budget proposal that includes the largest tax hike in the state’s history, funded by increasing the income and sales tax, was stolen from the school tax elimination movement. Unfortunately, Wolf’s budget, what he calls, Modernizes the state sales tax code, adds a sales tax to virtually all legal services, and offers little or no permanent property tax relief.
    Other Property Tax Independence Act (SB/HB76) opponents seek to use the proposed income and sales tax increases to dump even more billions down the public school education rabbit hole and other failed venues.
    The Property Tax Independence Act (SB/HB76) abolishes the school board’s authority to leave you homeless, restoring your right to actually own your home.
    SB/HB76 adds the sales tax to a very select group of legal services , adds sales tax to your daily newspaper, and even adds sales tax the coffin your family might buy you. Will anybody stop hiring an lawyer, buying the paper, or opt to not be buried after SB/HB76 is passed/enacted?
    SB/HB76 eliminates the school property tax, releasing $13-$14 Billion of property owner – held funds into the state’s economy, which then is spent on goods and services, preserving and creating #jobs.
    Educate yourself on the Property Tax Independence Act (SB/HB76) via


  4. Why oppose helping to fund education in PA? A small tax on services is simply a pass-through cost of doing business. Would you rather pay a little more for your will and power of attorney or lose your home over funding education? Please support SB76, don’t oppose relief for homeowners against this current unfair, outdated and illogical school property tax system, please?


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