Attorney General Kane Publishes Report on LTCF Reciprocity Agreements

Today, Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane, pursuant to 18 Pa.C.S. 6109(k)(2), published the required annual report on license to carry firearm (LTCF) reciprocity agreements for 2015. You can find a copy here.

Interestingly, although I am acutely aware that Idaho has been reaching out to the Attorney General’s Office for purpose of entering into a reciprocity agreement and I wrote an article last year on whether AG Kane was misleading the General Assembly by failing to disclose the contact with Idaho in her report, once again, this year the Report is silent about Idaho.

Hopefully, the General Assembly will inquire of her as to why we do not have a reciprocity agreement with Idaho.

3 thoughts on “Attorney General Kane Publishes Report on LTCF Reciprocity Agreements

  1. Examining the language of Section 6109 (k) (1), it really could go either way on the question of whether Kane had the authority to limit recognition of out of state permits the way she did. One the one hand, the subsection does not specifically say the licenses must be only of residents of the issuing state. On the other hand, the subsection says that the Attorney General is “authorized to negotiate”, which may be interpreted to include negotiation as to which types of permits from the other state will be honored.

    I’m not posting this comment because I like the situation. I’m just saying that is the way the situation looks to me.


  2. Knowing Kate, she probably made an honest mistake when she forgot to mention Idaho. Between grinding petty axes and trying to stay out of federal prison, I could see how something like this might fall through the cracks.


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