Firearm and Ammunition Preemption Needs YOUR Immediate Support!

Today, in an 8-3 vote, the Senate Local Government Committee passed an extremely important firearm and ammunition preemption bill – Senate Bill 5 – which in addition to reaffirming/strengthening preemption would also provide for attorney fees and costs, where a local government violates the preemption statute.  Senate Bill 5 will now go to the Senate floor for consideration.

We can pass preemption with a veto proof majority, but we need YOUR help! Please contact your state Senator and urge them to support Senate Bill 5!  Please take the time to email, fax or call your Senator and do not use form letters/requests, as they are generally ignored. Our Representatives know when an issue is so important to you that you take the time to personally and respectfully contact them.

Together, we can ensure that our rights under Article 1, Section 21 are not questioned!

3 thoughts on “Firearm and Ammunition Preemption Needs YOUR Immediate Support!

  1. Why exactly do we want to pass this? After reading it quickly it appears to me that it is actually restricting the purchase of arms and ammunition. If that is not the case please enlighten us. Thanks.


  2. I’d like to know if I’m not understanding this correctly. It’s like we’re trying to pass a law that allows us to be able to more easily stop local governments from having ordinances that are in fact already illegal for them to have. Am I not understanding something?


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