Endorsement – Craig Stedman for Superior Court Judge

Today, I am formally announcing my endorsement of Lancaster County District Attorney Craig Stedman for the Pennsylvania Superior Court. While some may be surprised with my endorsement of District Attorney Stedman – as I have been critical of him in relation to two specific matters – candidate Stedman provided me the unique opportunity to speak with him extensively about his positions and those matters, where I learned that my original criticism was misplaced, based upon a misunderstanding of his awareness of the situation, and which has resulted in me truly believing that he would be a phenomenal addition to the Superior Court.

In a conversation that lasted over an hour, we discussed everything from how his Office handles prosecutions of individuals who putatively make false statements on the ATF 4473 forms to preemption violations to self-defense claims and his ardent support for the Second Amendment and Article 1, Section 21. In relation to the one matter where I previously criticized him, I learned that he was not aware of the prosecution and as soon as he became aware, he immediately and personally reviewed all the evidence, sat down with Assistant District Attorneys in his Office that were involved and explained to them how it would be a manifest injustice for the prosecution to continue. As a result, he directed that the charges be immediately dismissed.

We also discussed numerous cases and decisions that he made, which clearly reflect his steadfast devotion to the Second Amendment and Article 1, Section 21. In this vein, I was genuinely surprised to leave our conversation with one overarching feeling – he sincerely cares about the Right to Keep and Bear Arms. I cannot honestly state the last time, in speaking with an appellate judicial candidate, that I left with anywhere close to that feeling.

While many of you are aware that I do not take the endorsement of candidates – especially judicial candidates – lightly, as I truly believe that District Attorney Stedman respects and will continue to honor the Second Amendment, as well as, our other constitutional rights, I am proud to endorse him for the Superior Court. As it is imperative that we only elect judges that respect the Constitution, which I wholeheartedly believe District Attorney Stedman does, I am respectfully asking that you vote for him in November. Together, we can ensure that our inalienable rights are protected.

To learn more about Craig Stedman for Superior Court, check out his website and Facebook page. Obviously, if you are in a financial position to be able to donate to his campaign, I am sure he would greatly appreciate support!

4 thoughts on “Endorsement – Craig Stedman for Superior Court Judge

  1. I have to say that I am puzzled by this endorsement. As a Lancaster City resident who has spoken out against Mayor Rick Gray’s Lost and Stolen Gun ordinance, I can say with fair confidence that Craig Stedman, in contrast to Lehigh DA James Martin who promised to prosecute police violating preemption, has been quiet as a church mouse when it comes Gray’s criminally thumbing his nose at state law. I see no Second Amendment passion in Craig Stedman’s history as DA, rather catering to the local anti-gun Lancaster Newspapers and politically, powerful elite for his own career interests.


  2. Be reminded that it only takes a single act of nonfeasance, misfeasance, or malfeasance to prosecute and remove from office a county official (when subject to the County Codes, for which Optional Plan and Home Rule counties may be able to provide cheating evasions). If it is a misdemeanor, it is misbehavior in office and subjects the officer to only removal (generally, nonfeasance and misfeasance). If it is a felony, it is an infamous crime of perjury (for the violation of the oath of office, to obey/uphold/defend/support/etc. the Constitutions and discharge one’s duties with fidelity) which bans the official from future officeholding. A single act of discretion in which something exercise of that discretion is made or not made, where that choice is of corrupt or improper influence, is a lifetime ban on office. Knowing that your method is unlawful toward the abstract and lawful end of public safety, or knowingly using an illegal method for a concrete legal goal, and neglecting or refusing to do a duty, gets one kicked out for a single act, upon conviction.
    Don’t take that lightly if this current/former District Attorney made even a single prosecution against a gunowner for a possessory offense or offense without a victim having injury or loss, with those elements named. Same goes for possessing drugs, and so on. The conduct lies the grounds for what would be removal and/or ban from office for life.
    Our Constitution and forgotten statutory tools place a high bar on officials. For now, no one really cares that much. Yet, the power is there. Why we elevate criminals to higher office, I do not understand, but that is our tendency for now. If nothing else, don’t vote and walk away for 10 years and let a judge do his own thing. Judges, too, are subject to prosecution one way or another, and when they have held prior office elsewhere, the statute of limitations on their crimes is 7-10 years, currently, so a felony committed 6 years ago could ouster a sitting judge halfway through his term. It’s just something to remind a guy, to nibble at in his mind should he ever think of faltering!
    Good luck, Mr. Stedman!


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