Court Filings In Pennsylvania v. Defense Distributed – An Interesting Look Behind The Scenes…

Earlier today, I blogged about the numerous news reports that an injunction had been sought against Defense Distributed, et al. and that Defense Distributed, et al. agreed to make “its sites unaccessible to Pennsylvania users,” however, at that time, there was no docket for the case. As a docket has now been generated with the filings, it is interesting to see what was actually filed in this matter, which is docketed as Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, et al., v. Defense Distributed, et al., 2:18-cv-03208 and assigned to the Honorable Paul S. Diamond, a President George W. Bush nominee.

Defense Distributed Docket.jpg

As we already knew, Governor Wolf, Attorney General Shapiro and the Pennsylvania State Police filed a Motion for a Temporary Restraining Order and Preliminary Injunction, which was rendered moot, per the Court’s Order, “in light of Defendants’ agreement to refrain from posting new information and to block all challenged information from being accessed in Pennsylvania.”

What may be more interesting to our viewers is the behind-the-scenes look at the 35 page email exchange on Sunday regarding this matter and how, in allegedly emergent situations, the court can schedule hearings in a very prompt manner, regardless of date or time. I find it interesting that when challenged by Professor/Attorney Blackman in relation to the Commonwealth having witnesses which were not disclosed to him or his clients in advance, the Commonwealth argument is “We certainly have not tried to ambush you, Mr. Blackman — we have just been busy.” I guess being busy must have meant preparing a press release and twitter account postings, in advance of the hearing, so that they’d be ready to be published immediately after the hearing. Defense Distributed would be well-advised to prepare for these types of shenanigans throughout the proceedings…

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7 thoughts on “Court Filings In Pennsylvania v. Defense Distributed – An Interesting Look Behind The Scenes…

  1. it always astonished me how slow they seem to move in defiance of 6th amendment, people sit for years in prison waiting on a trial. while illegals are quickly released supposedly to “return for their court date”
    while things like this move like greased lightning.
    the corruption is deep my friends…


  2. I would hope these ” agents ” of the state are challenged and removed for their total violation of their sworn oaths of office , in Pa. and other states.


  3. No worries…the residents of these commie states will still get their files…2A supporters will see to it…this is nothing more than a waste of tax payer dollars…you can’t fix stupid….spelled DEMOCRAT


  4. Waste of time it`s already on the deep web. What could happen is the slippery slope. Next the anti gunners will write more rules besides outlawing these instructions they will outlaw all gun-smithing articles and instructions.


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