Tech Support Fraudsters to Pay

A federal court ordered that the assets of the operators of an alleged tech support scam be used to reimburse consumers who lost money to the defendants’ scheme. The U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania agreed with the FTC, the State of Connecticut, and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania that the money held by … Continue reading Tech Support Fraudsters to Pay

Fraud alert, freeze or lock after Equifax?

After the Equifax breach, clients and friends have been coming to us with questions. Some people are considering placing a fraud alert on their credit file. Others are thinking about freezing or locking their credit files to help prevent identity thieves from opening new accounts in their name. Here are some FAQs to help you … Continue reading Fraud alert, freeze or lock after Equifax?

Someone Stole your Phone?

Identity theft can happen to anyone. Last week the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) published an article based on a true story from one if its fraud investigators who had her phone stolen. She provided tips you can take to protect your digital identity: Smart Phone: Lock your phone. Use at least a 6-digit passcode on … Continue reading Someone Stole your Phone?

ASUS Settles FTC Charges Routers Put Consumers’ Privacy At Risk

ASUSTeK Computer, Inc. (ASUS)  has agreed to settle Federal Trade Commission charges that critical security flaws in its routers put the home networks of hundreds of thousands of consumers at risk. The administrative complaint also charges that the routers’ insecure “cloud” services led to the compromise of thousands of consumers’ connected storage devices, exposing their … Continue reading ASUS Settles FTC Charges Routers Put Consumers’ Privacy At Risk

Social Security Fraud

By Tom Beveridge.             On February 26, 2014, Carolyn W. Colvin, the Acting Commissioner of Social Security, testified before Congress regarding the Social Security Administration’s efforts to investigate and stop disability fraud.  Commissioner Colvin indicated that fraud rate in the Administration’s disability programs is actually less than 1 percent; however, no amount of fraud is tolerable. … Continue reading Social Security Fraud

Protect yourself & your loved one’s from being scammed

Many of us know people who have been the victim of a scam artist or scheme.  My father, before he passed, was one such victim.  I did not know it was going on, heck, no one in the family knew it was happening until one day I get a call from his bank advising me … Continue reading Protect yourself & your loved one’s from being scammed